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Team Charlie

Toni Ilsley, Trustee 

Toni is Charlie's mum. She was his rock. Resilient with a capital R and a heart as big as Reading itself. She was Charlie's compadre, never accepted 'no' as an answer and never gave up looking for a cure for her beloved Charlie's illness. Long after the NHS shut its doors on them, she poured every second of every day into searching for alternative treatments all over the world while she looked after Charlie.  

As a way to manage her unimaginable loss as best she can, her time is now focused on her business, Charlie's Dog Place, and making sure that through all the menagerie that walk through her doors, her boy's memory stays alive.





Karen Williams, Trustee

Karen is Toni's cousin. When Charlie's cancer returned for a second time, she relentlessly fundraised to cover his urgent treatment in Turkey. After setting up a GoFundMe page, she raised £80,000, the campaign receiving public interest from Charlie's appearance on Channel 4 as part of  Stand Up To Cancer.





Claire Brown, Trustee

By pure chance, Claire happened to catch Charlie's Story on Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer one evening in March 2019. She didn't know Charlie, but she was so struck emotionally by his character and courage she felt compelled to help. She managed to get in contact with Toni, where soon after she met with both her and Charlie.

In a matter of weeks, almost 2,000 people were following his Facebook page she'd set up. Over the next 18 or so months, more than £100,000 was raised via online auctions, raffles, a 10K challenge, you name it - no stone was left unturned as she tapped into the overwhelming generosity and love from donors to fund Charlie's treatment in London, Germany and Mexico.

As someone who only met Charlie once, he has had a profound, long-lasting effect on her. Determined to help shape his legacy and ensure people knew about his bravery and charm, she set up Team Charlie in his honour.

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